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Heidi Robinson

Owner / Director


Heidi has spent most of her childhood helping her parents (previous owners of Merlin’s Family Restaurant) while unknowingly learning the ins and out of the restaurant world. She’s worked in restaurants ever since and decided to take the next step and buy Merlin’s from her mom and dad. As a child, she had always dreamed of being a wedding planner so when Justin, her manager, suggested starting a catering company she couldn’t think of a more perfect way to collide her childhood dreams and love for the food industry. 

Justin Steinberg

Owner / Executive Chef


Justin has had a love for food his entire life and being in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. Learning the roots from his mother who immigrated from the United Kingdom when she was a child, Justin is a second generation chef who has learned the trades from many talented chefs where he was able to define his own style and approach to his cooking, mainly specializing in Italian and French Cuisine.

Alida Gallay

Sous Chef


Alida is a young cook that has a huge passion for the culinary industry. She leads the cooking team at her school showing her friends the important skills of cooking. She is driven to create and succeed. She loves everything that involves customer service and management. You eat with your eyes first that’s why she understands that plating and presentation is such a key part of the culinary arts. She believes that food brings people together and can not wait to help you with your next special event!


Catered Event_edited.jpg

Corporate Events

Have a work gathering & party...? or perhaps a work meeting and you need a catered in luncheon, we do all this! We also do specialized lunch box style options, let us know!

Wedding Table Set


We would love to be part of your special day and make delicious memories with food! We work with you to build a menu that you'll absolutely love!


Private Catering

Have a private event...? Let's talk! We do birthday parties, anniversaries, special gatherings, you name it! let us help you customize a menu that fits your event perfectly!

Fable's Hitched Pub

We offer a full service alcohol beverage trailer for all your catering needs!

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