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Coming Soon... (Early 2024)

Welcome to Fable's Table.....

Venture into the land of Fable, get lost in the moment and have the most unique dining experience ever, with a traditional foundation that is a fusion of Italian, French, and Mediterranean .  We will also have an array of spirits and a mixture of libations with cocktails that will keep you wanting more...

Fable's Table will open early 2024 (Official Open date will be announced soon) We will operate out of Merlin's Family Restaurant during the night time with specific days and time. Fable's Table is owned by Fable Catering and Merlin's Family Restaurant. Fable's Table will have a special menu and cocktails presented by the chef.

If there is any questions please reach out!

Justin Steinberg (General Manager of Merlin's, Chef and co-owner of Fable Catering) - (763)260-3152

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